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AssignmentModel Assignment : Task 2


Plan the production of graphic images for a client.

What you must do

Carefully read through the assignment scenario again.

Make a ‘Creative platform’ document for the assignment brief. Identify the target audience, purpose, location, message and other elements needed for your graphics. What dimensions are appropriate for each graphic? Does the graphic have to work at different scales? Is it for web or print? What file format would be appropriate in each case and what resolution? Include this information too. Save the document to your product_planning folder.

Using one or more of the techniques suggested in section 2, develop a range of initial ideas for each of the graphic images you have been asked to produce. Save them to your process book or to your product_planning folder.

To achieve higher grades you should label your roughs or design sketches with key points you have identified on your ‘Creative Platform’ for the assignment, such as purpose, target audience, location, planned size, target resolution, target file size, planned file format.

Make a list of the elements you think you may need for your graphics and another list of elements that you could use to create strong visual links between your products. Save them to your process book or to your product_planning folder.

Finally, make a time plan of the main tasks you must do and add all necessary subtasks or steps. Indicate the timescale e.g. how many lessons you think you may need for each task. You will have 40 hours for a real assessed assignment, but as this is a practice run to help you get higher grades, your teacher may give you your deadlines this time.

Include dates for deadlines on your plan, as well as times for getting feedback from your target audience or fellow students and your teacher. Save the plan in your project_plans folder and keep checking and updating it.

Remember to save each updated version with a different filename e.g. assignment_planXXX1 (replace XXX with your own initials) > assignment_planXXX2

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pinCreative platform practice assignment - template

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