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These videos will show you how to use some of the features of Serif DrawPlus to create vector graphics. They use DrawPlus X2 but most of the screens shown will look very similar in later versions of the software.

There are two types of video, a demonstration video and an interactive step-by-step training video.

television set
1. Draw and modify vector shapes demo training
2. Format line and fill properties demo training
3. Fill - extra! demo training
4. Lines - extra! demo training
5. Grouping elements demo training
6. Combine, group and order elements demo training
7. Add filter effects and text demo training
8. Using layers demo training
9. Freeform drawing demo training
10a. Rollover : Align objects demo training
10b. Rollover : Slice web objects demo training
10c. Rollover : Create three states demo training
10d. Rollover : Export and optimise demo training
10e. Rollover : Preview in a browser demo training
11. Rollover : Make a banner ad demo training

For up-to-date video tutorials on how to use DrawPlus, take a look at these video tutorials.